Custom box inserts and packaging inlays

Crafted for a seamless fit, guarantee the safety of your products with customized box inserts designed to complement your products and packaging perfectly.

Customized inserts for every product.

Select from a diverse array of box insert choices, meticulously crafted to safeguard and showcase your products impeccably. Whether it’s foam inserts, cardboard inserts, or eco-friendly alternatives, we offer tailored solutions for you.


Easily craft an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Expert support

Collaborate closely with a dedicated product specialist to guarantee that your box inserts are meticulously crafted for an impeccable fit.

Tailored solution

Individually crafted to suit your products’ requirements and voyage, our personalized packaging inlays provide top-tier protection throughout the entire journey.


Unified Experience

Packaging boxes and inserts seamlessly complement each other. Entrust us with all your packaging requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time, all under one roof.

Meticulous precision

With careful craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, our inlays promise a tailored fit, ensuring optimal protection for your products.


Tailored inserts for your products.

Create a lasting impact and safeguard your product with bespoke box inserts. Whether it’s paper, cardboard, or foam inlays, each can be completely customized.

Customize your box inserts to highlight your brand and ensure the safety of your product. Open up limitless possibilities within your box.

Ultimate protective packaging

Designing impeccable packaging for your product requires careful consideration of sizes, shapes, weights, and the selection of materials for a sturdy and protective box. With our structural design team, you can transform your packaging ideas into reality, ensuring optimal protection from the box to the insert.

Professionally tested box inserts

We stand firm in our dedication to quality. Every box insert and packaging inlay undergoes rigorous testing in our certified facilities to guarantee that each product reaches its destination in flawless condition. Our structural engineers invest time in addressing your unique requirements, comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of your specific products, and crafting customized solutions to meet your needs.

Frequently asked questions

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our packaging varies based on the specific type you are interested in. Refer to our comprehensive list of MOQs by product on our website, or feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email for more detailed information.

How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped? Our average turnaround time is around 10 - 20 business days, but this can vary based on the type of packaging, order size, and current demand. For the latest and most accurate turnaround information, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated product specialists or checking our product-specific turnaround time list.

Absolutely! Our range of paper-based packaging inlays serves as an ideal canvas for printing, allowing you to feature your branding prominently within the box and provide a distinctive unboxing experience.

Absolutely! Collaborate with our product specialists to design the perfect packaging solution for your products. Take advantage of our multi-packaging capabilities, allowing us to craft everything you need, from the box to the insert.

Certainly! We strongly recommend ordering samples to ensure the best results for your custom packaging. Our diverse range of sample types caters to various use cases, allowing you to explore and choose the most suitable option for your needs. For sample orders or more information, please contact our dedicated product specialists via phone or email.