Packaging Artwork Design

Elevate your brand with visually stunning artwork designs that set you apart from the competition. Create lasting brand experiences through captivating box designs.


First impressions build lasting impressions

Effective packaging design is crucial for creating impactful first impressions. Our team of professional artwork designers ensures your initial impressions leave a lasting mark, contributing to long-term customer retention for your business.

Industry oriented solutions

Industry specific solutions to maximize customer purchasing decisions.

Maximized brand effectiveness

Expertly designed solutions to maximize brand awareness and recognition.

Everlasting box experience

Exceed your customer’s expectations with great unboxing experiences.

Strategically crafted artwork designs

Customer centric experiences

Artwork prototyping & visual validation

Eliminate packaging concerns for good.

Obtain effortless, reliable custom packaging with quality and trusted service – no effort required on your part.

Strategic packaging consultation

Engage in personalized packaging consultations with our artwork designers for a tailored solution, understanding your goals for the best packaging outcome.

Artwork & Visual Design

Our artwork designers focus on creating custom boxes with your brand and overall customer experience in mind, aiming to maximize engagement.

Artwork & Visual Prototyping

Thorough artwork and visual prototyping to ensure packaging design aligns with client expectations prior to production.


Empowering businesses with striking structures.

Our professionals have partnered with thousands of businesses, delivering unique details and finishes to make brands stand out. PakFactory transforms your packaging ideas into reality with our team of expert structural engineers.

Structural Design

Combine your artwork design with intricately unique box structures to make your brand stand out in retail settings. We specialize in creating custom structures that wow your customers, offering an everlasting box experience for lasting impressions.

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