Cardboard display stands for point-of-purchase

Enhance your product presentation with personalized cardboard display stands crafted to captivate customers.

Tailor-made displays for every item in your inventory.

Enhance the in-store shopping experience with our diverse range of point-of-purchase display styles, meticulously crafted to elevate your brand and complement your customers’ journey.

Elaborately made with a simple process

Boost your retail visibility without breaking the bank! Our cardboard displays offer a cost-effective and practical solution to enhance your sales.

Crafted for both durability and convenience, these easily assembled pieces make increasing store traffic a breeze.


Expert support

Collaborate directly with a dedicated product expert to ensure your point-of-purchase displays are custom-engineered for a perfect fit.

Tailored to any situation

Perfectly tailored for your retail needs, our custom cardboard displays ensure a compelling shopping experience every time.

Premium sturdiness

Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, our displays ensure a perfect fit for lasting durability.



Our cardboard displays are dedicated to sustainability, incorporating recycled content to contribute to the circular economy and minimize waste.

A unified retail experience

Distinguish yourself from competitors and engage customers with eye-catching custom cardboard displays. Whether it’s customized packaging or comprehensive solutions, we offer everything you need for an exceptional in-store shopping experience. Showcase your brand effectively at the point of purchase, leaving a memorable impact on every customer.

Maximized brand exposure with displays

Present your brand in a manner that attracts attention and boosts visibility. Our remarkable point-of-purchase displays are designed to captivate potential customers, drive increased sales for your products, and optimize your brand’s impact in-store. Tailor your approach for a memorable and impactful shopping experience.

Frequently asked questions

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies based on the specific packaging you're ordering. Since packaging inlays involve various material options, a specific MOQ can't be provided unless specified. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our team for accurate details.

See our list of all the MOQs by product, or contact us through phone or email for more details.

The expected turnaround times for our products range from 10 to 20 business days, influenced by factors such as packaging type, order size, and the current season. For the latest and most accurate information on turnaround times, we suggest reaching out to our product specialists. Alternatively, you can refer to our list of product-specific turnaround times for additional details.

Our products typically have turnaround times spanning 10 to 20 business days, with variables like packaging type, order size, and seasonal factors influencing the duration. To obtain the latest and most accurate information regarding turnaround times, we recommend reaching out to our product specialists. Additionally, you can consult our list of product-specific turnaround times for further details.

Yes! Our product specialists work one-on-one with you to create the optimal packaging for your products. 

Yes Absolutely, and we highly advise you to! We carry many sample types to serve different use cases and help you guarantee the best results! Explore our sample types.