Elegant personalized rigid boxes

Elevate your presentation with a perfect blend of sophistication and upscale design. Opt for opulence and create a memorable impact with our premium rigid boxes.

Distinctive designs for the perfect gift packaging

Create a bold impression with your rigid box, regardless of the occasion! With a myriad of gift box styles to choose from, you have the opportunity to craft something truly unique that captures attention.


Exquisitely designed and sturdy rigid boxes

Expert support

Collaborate closely with a dedicated product specialist to guarantee that your premium boxes are meticulously crafted to perfection.

Premium quality

Employing top-notch chipboard and employing advanced printing methods, we ensure that our rigid boxes exude a superior quality touch.

Fully personalizable

Empower yourself in crafting the ideal package from beginning to end with personalized choices available for every aspect of your rigid box.

Sustainably made

Demonstrating dedication to the circular economy, our rigid box materials incorporate recycled content as part of our commitment to minimizing packaging waste.

Unforgettable luxury at its finest.

Elevate any occasion with a statement-making rigid box! Explore a myriad of gift box styles, enabling you to craft something uniquely extraordinary that captures attention.

Stand out on every occasion with your distinctive rigid box! Choose from a wide array of gift box styles to create a truly unique and special presentation.

Customized rigid styles for every scenario.

Experience flawless craftsmanship and premium materials in our meticulously designed rigid set-up boxes, ensuring a memorable unboxing experience. Explore our opulent collection of packaging styles, ideal for various products, ranging from setup boxes to distinct designs. Discover the perfect style that complements your brand impeccably.

The perfect presentation

Leave a lasting impact with personalized rigid boxes. Elevate your customer’s unboxing journey with our comprehensive suite of tools and materials! Utilize packaging inlays, promotional inserts, and multipackaging features to achieve a cohesive and unified presentation from beginning to end.

Frequently asked questions

Creating custom rigid boxes demands meticulous attention to detail. The use of high-quality materials such as thick chipboard and intricate paper wraps, coupled with extensive manual labor, contributes to the overall cost. While it's a substantial undertaking, the final product undoubtedly justifies the investment.


Our packaging's minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies based on the specific packaging you're ordering. Unfortunately, due to the intricate nature of rigid boxes, involving various material options, a definitive MOQ cannot be provided unless specified.


Our present processing times range approximately from 10 to 20 business days, contingent on factors like packaging type, order size, and the time of year. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date turnaround times, we advise reaching out to our product specialists. Additionally, you can refer to our list of turnaround times specific to each product for detailed information.

As shipping timelines are subject to frequent fluctuations and depend on the manufacturing origin, we are unable to ensure a fixed shipping duration for our clients. For a more precise estimate of shipping time, we recommend contacting our product specialists, who can furnish you with the most current estimation.

Certainly, we strongly recommend it, especially for custom printed rigid boxes! We offer various sample types catering to different needs, ensuring optimal results. If you wish to initiate a sample order, please contact our product specialist via phone or email.

Certainly! Crafting a premium packaging experience doesn't have to be cost-prohibitive. Explore our wide range of materials, styles, and customization choices to find the ideal match for your budget. Consider the versatility of folding cartons – it could be the ideal solution you're seeking!