Revamp your packaging with personalized labels and stickers.

Enhance your packaging by incorporating stickers for a bolder, more professional, and distinctly branded appearance.

Custom labels and stickers for added impact.

Enhance your product’s appearance with personalized stickers and labels. Whether it’s labels for bottles or tamper-evident labels, we have everything you need to elevate your brand experience.


Your exclusive source for custom-printed tins.

For the most comprehensive tin box manufacturing, PakFactory stands unparalleled. Our solution empowers brands to craft their ideal personalized tin, offering a wide range of styles, extensive options, and unparalleled support and services from the industry’s best.


Make a bold statement for your brand.

Packaging labels and stickers serve as a dynamic and effective means to showcase your branding on any packaging solution. Custom printed stickers and labels not only enhance your brand but also act as an additional seal of protection for your boxes and bags, preventing unwanted tampering and opening.

Versatile solutions for every application.

For all your needs, The Custom Packaging’s sticker and label solutions have got you covered. Offering various form factors, including die-cut, sheets, and rolls, we cater to all production volumes. Additionally, we provide specific solutions such as tamper-evident options to enhance security in your product packaging.

The Custom Packaging 360° Approach™

Our 360° Approach™ stands as the premier packaging support in the market. Offering assistance at every step of the custom packaging journey, we’ve built a best-in-class, hassle-free custom packaging platform that ensures total packaging success.

Frequently asked questions

Tin packaging, or tinplate containers, is crafted from steel with a thin tin coating. Customizable in various shapes, the favored type is often the hinged metal boxes. This durable tinplate is excellent for packaging food items such as cookies and chocolates.

At present, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5000 units for standard sizes and 10,000 for customized sizes. The creation of molds for tin boxes is both time-consuming and costly. Therefore, opting for our established tin sizes is advisable to minimize expenses and save time.

To guarantee the food safety of your customized tins, an interior food-grade lacquer is applied to prevent corrosion and interactions between the metal and food products. Verify the food safety of your design by consulting with your dedicated product specialist.

The offset printing method employs oil-based inks for effective printing on custom tin boxes. It's worth noting that offset printing may be costlier for smaller order quantities.


Make sure to check in with your dedicated product specialist to ensure your order quantity is optimized for printing.