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Are your shipped products susceptible to damage? Looking to reduce return costs? Opt for tailored inserts designed to fit your product’s shape perfectly. Incorporate custom inserts into your corrugated shipping boxes to securely anchor your products during transit!

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Seeking to minimize your brand’s environmental impact and enhance sustainability? Explore our diverse range of materials and options dedicated to supporting your eco-friendly initiatives! Our products are environmentally conscious, fully recyclable, and biodegradable, aiming to promote recyclability and reduce environmental harm.

Frequently asked questions

The key distinction lies in the composition of the material. Cardboard, crafted from thick stock paper, is typically employed for packaging smaller and lighter retail products. In contrast, corrugated packaging materials boast enhanced durability, consisting of three layers of paperboard with a layer of corrugated paper sandwiched between two liner boards. Renowned for its robust and sturdy build, corrugated packaging is particularly favored for shipping purposes.


Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for corrugated packaging is presently set at 500 units. For optimal cost-effectiveness, we advise placing substantial orders to minimize the cost per unit in your packaging supply.

Widely embraced across the retail sector, folding cartons are a favored choice in packaging solutions, renowned for their cost-effectiveness and high customizability.

Certainly! All corrugated packaging is recyclable and produced from recycled materials. However, the recyclability may vary depending on the coatings and inks incorporated into your packaging.

As a general guideline for enhanced sustainability and to eliminate any concerns about recyclability, we suggest opting for vegetable inks during the printing process. This choice guarantees not only recyclability but also ensures the safe biodegradability of your corrugated packaging!

Our typical processing time for custom-printed corrugated packaging spans from 15 to 20 business days on average. However, the timeline might fluctuate based on the intricacy of your packaging project. Connect with our dedicated product specialists for more precise and personalized time estimates.

Should you encounter challenges or seek a specific paperboard, our team of product specialists and sourcing experts is ready to guide you in decision-making or locating the specific paperboard that aligns with your requirements. Reach out to us

Kraft corrugated boxes, known for their durability and food safety, eliminate the need for varnish or coating.

Nevertheless, corrugated packaging can still aesthetically benefit from coatings to enhance artwork designs. Among the popular choices for corrugated packaging are Varnish and Aqueous (AQ) coatings.

AQ coating, being water-based, ensures fast drying and is environmentally friendly. In contrast, Varnish, although not environmentally friendly, offers an effective moisture barrier, safeguarding both products and artwork designs. Both AQ coatings and Varnishes provide the flexibility of achieving either a matte or glossy finish.