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Frequently asked questions

We subject our mailer bags to rigorous quality control tests to ensure they maintain strength, durability, and versatility during shipping. These tests include evaluating friction resistance, peel strength, puncture resistance, and tensile strength.

Custom mailer bags provide various options for printing, with both paper and poly mailers supporting direct printing for the best results. The available printing methods include digital and offset printing. Offset printing is recommended for bulk orders of paper mailers due to its cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and ability to maintain exceptional color fidelity as quantities increase.

What is the typical production time for mailer bags? The production timeframe for mailer bags is generally 15-20 business days. However, variations may occur based on factors such as order quantities and shipping routes.

Can mailer bags be considered environmentally friendly? The eco-friendliness of mailer bags depends on the material chosen. Paper mailers are recyclable and eco-friendly, while poly mailers, made from polyethylene plastic, are less environmentally friendly. Consult your assigned product specialist for information on eco-friendly mailer bag options.

Why choose paper mailers for your ecommerce needs? They offer cost-effective packaging solutions, are resistant to weather, and provide space efficiency due to their lightweight and flexible nature.