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Your posture is the window to your spinal health. Poor postural habits over time lead to many health issues and eventual breakdown of your spine. It is especially important for children to learn proper sitting habits as these will help them perform better in school , improve their confidence, and increase their energy.
Dr. Jaskot provides complimentary posture evaluations. Please call our office at 905-886-9778 to schedule your children/teens  free posture evaluation.
​The solution to perfect sitting posture is using the Logicback custom adjustable back support. Ask how this product can help you improve your posture today! Covered by some extended  health insurance plans.  


​Non-surgical Face Lift with Cosmetic Acupuncture provided by Registered Acupuncturists provides a healthy and natural alternative to a younger more healthy you! Dr. Haddad Jaskot offers complimentary assessments to determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic acupuncture. Call our office to book yours 905-886-9778

​COMPLIMENATRY GAIT AND FOOT ANALYSIS - We provide complimentary Biomechanical Assessments to determine if you require custom-made foot orthotics.